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Medical director says there’s been more than 60,000 injections at controversial Richmond facility

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The medical director of the controversial North Richmond injecting facility says there’s been more than 60,000 injections in the centre since it opened last year.

It comes on the back of news the centre will extend its operating hours to accommodate growing demand for the service.

Dr Nico Clark addressed the numbers on 3AW Drive.

“We don’t control the amount people inject, nor the purity of what they’re injecting,” he said.

“The reason there is so many overdoses is because there is so many injections.

“We’ve had more than 60,000 injections in the facility.

“So about one in 60 end in overdose.”

Dr Clark said he was happy to speak with residents about their concerns, but “drew the line” when it became abusive.

“When the forum becomes a place where people vent hate speech and say they’re going to shoot other people, I don’t engage in those kind of debates,” he said.

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