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Medicinal cannabis to be imported for more readily available use

The State Government has begun harvesting the first medicinal cannabis crop. 

While this occurs, the Federal Government has announced it is acting on an immediate supply through importation to meet Australian demand. 

‘I think medicinal cannabis is essential,’ Neil Mitchell says.  

California set the template for this 20 years ago, legalising it in November 1996. 

But Neil says the Australian system needs to be careful the drug doesn’t end up being used wrongly like the US State. 

‘It’s a joke,’ Neil Mitchell said.

‘You can buy medicinal cannabis there that does give you a high, with next to know medical condition.’

Health Minister Greg Hunt says it will be more freely and readily available in Australia ‘where it is prescribed by a doctor.’

‘It will be available for families and patients with a range of conditions if, and only if, a GP or specialist prescribes it,’ Mr. Hunt told Neil. 

‘There is a strict regime in Australia.’

At this stage, medicinal cannabis is only available for kids with severe epilepsy, but this is expected to expand. 

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