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Meet the man with one of Australia’s most famous voices

Ian ‘Lofty’ Fulton has one of the most familiar voices in the country, but you’re unlikely to recognise him on the street.

He’s the voice of Masterchef Australia, 2GB, 4BC, Sky News, McDonalds, and Toyota, and his dulcet tones have been heard in over 180 countries.

He spoke to Denis Walter about his often difficult road to success, and his new memoir, Lofty: My Life in Short.

Born with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism, Lofty endured bullying as a child.

“There was barely a day go by that I didn’t get teased at school…that left a lot of scars,” he said.

His mother encouraged him to pursue a career in radio, but he ignored her. She approached his year eleven drama teacher and when the teacher raised the idea with him he finally took notice.

He told Denis writing a memoir has been a freeing experience.

“I had no idea how cathartic it would be… I was able to slay a few demons along the way,” he said.