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Melbourne cafe owner urges delivery giants to cut fees and help small businesses stay afloat

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A Melbourne cafe owner has made a desperate plea to delivery giants to lower their fees to help small business stay afloat.

Owner of Camberwell’s Legacy and Prahran’s Fourth Chapter cafes, Susan Rep, says her turnover has fallen by 80 per cent since coronavirus trading restrictions came into effect.

She says delivery platforms like Uber Eats and Deliveroo charge 30 to 35 per cent commission, and it’s not viable for businesses like hers.

“For an average meal of $20, you take … 35 per cent, you’re left with $13,” she said.

“You’ve got staff, you’ve got rent, you’ve got cost of goods.

“For small businesses I just don’t see it’s feasible.”

Ms Rep urged delivery giants to temporarily lower their fees.

“We’re all trying to stay afloat and I just think that they should help,” she said.

“We’re only asking for a short period of time. We will get through this, it’s not going to be forever.”

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3aw drive