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Melbourne coach Michelle Cowan speaks with Neil Mitchell on 3AW Mornings

Another AFL club has appointed a woman to its coaching panel and she says it won’t be long until there’s a female holding a senior role.

Michelle Cowan has been hired by Melbourne as a development coach and joins Peta Searle (St Kilda) in AFL ranks.

Cowan told Neil Mitchell she’d be working closely with the Demons’ first and second-year players this year.

She was asked whether she thought a woman would be at the helm of club in the near future.

‘I think there will,’ Cowan said on 3AW Mornings.

‘It’s a really exciting time, because anything can happen.

‘I think we are really starting to give people opportunities based on their credentials and their ability to play their role and do their job.

‘We are still having those conversations around gender, but it’s becoming less of a conversation.’

Neil Mitchell, a Melbourne supporter, went on to ask a question ‘every’ Demon fan wanted to know.

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