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Melbourne council cracks down on food delivery bikes

Melbourne City Council has identified food delivery drivers as a major problem in the CBD, and is vowing to do something about it.

Lord Mayor Sally Capp says discussions are under way to determine how to best combat the dangerous driving often displayed by food delivery drivers on motorbikes and e-bikes.

Ms Capp said many delivery drivers blatantly ignore road rules, and it puts other road users, as well as pedestrians, at risk.

“They’re obviously supposed to comply with road rules, they’re not supposed to ride on our pavements, but the proliferation and the use of the delivery vehicles, and demand for that sort of service, has really been way ahead of any sort of changes to regulation or regulatory response,” she told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“Our team, increasingly, are booking people or are trying to book people who are riding on our pavements, because it’s dangerous.

“The way that they weave in and out of traffic is positively dangerous.”

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Image: Vgajic / Getty