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Melbourne council to consider DNA testing dogs to catch owners who don’t clean up after their pets

A Melbourne council is considering DNA testing dogs, so they can be matched up with dog droppings which owners fail to pick up.

Councillor Lambros Tapinos will put forward the motion at a Moreland City Council meeting next week.

If the proposal goes ahead, it is estimated it will cost the council more than $100,000 per year.

Councillor Oscar Yildiz said the idea isn’t feasible.

“It’s an innovative idea … but it won’t work,” he told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

Currently, desexed dog registration in Moreland City Council costs $53.90, but Cr Yildiz said the fee will have to be raised significantly to cover the cost of DNA testing, should it go ahead.

“You’d need to be charging in excess of $500 or $600 for dog registration to be able to cover that cost!,” he said.

“The resources spent on having our officers walking around trying to find irresponsible dog owners and then match that to the dog DNA, that’s ridiculous.

“I think the council has got better things to do.”

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