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Melbourne couple with COVID-19 stuck in flat without power for three days

A Melbourne couple with COVID-19 were forced to endure a freezing weekend without power after they were repeatedly denied access to emergency accommodation.

Power was turned off at the South Yarra apartment block Samantha Hommelhoff and her husband, Jack, live in on Thursday.

“CitiPower confirmed it was an emergency and it was critical. It needed to stay off,” Ms Hommelhoff told Neil Mitchell.

Other apartment residents were relocated once it became apparent the outage would last for several days.

But Samantha and Jack were unable to leave due to their COVID-19 positive status.

“We’re freezing! … It has been incredibly cold and dark,” Ms Hommelhoff said.

The pair were last night cleared by the Department of Health and Human Services as recovered from coronavirus, and can now leave their apartment, but Ms Hommelhoff says it has been a stressful ordeal.

“That was obviously after three days of trying to obtain emergency accommodation which was repeatedly denied,” she said.

“We will move out today, should the power not come back on.”

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