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Melbourne doctor warns of ‘start of a second wave’ as demand for COVID-19 tests balloons

A Melbourne GP says a second wave of COVID-19 has hit the city, amid a surge in demand for testing.

Former Victorian president of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Mukesh Haikerwell, runs a coronavirus testing clinic in Altona North.

He says demand for testing is now as high as it was at the beginning of the pandemic.

“A large proportion of people we’re doing are school-aged kids,” Dr Haikerwell told Neil Mitchell.

“We’ve seen a huge number of kids come in.

“I think we are seeing the state of a second wave.”

People who have symptoms are now having to book ahead for testing on future days, due to overwhelming demand.

“That’s all fine as long as people stay at home, stay calm, isolate themselves,” Dr Haikerwell said.

Despite his concern about growing case numbers, Dr Haikerwell slammed the identification of COVID-19 hotspots across Melbourne.

“We’re obviously very worried about the no-go areas that have been set up. I think this is a huge overreaction,” he said.

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