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Melbourne Girls College removes ALL bins to prevent waste

Image: Google Maps

It’s no secret we have a rubbish and recycling crisis in this state.

Last week, Melbourne Girls College (MGC) declared their plan to ban all bins on school grounds, and on the contrary, Surf Coast Shire told  local homes they’ll need up to five bins.

Today, Melbourne Girls College has taken the plunge.

Sustainable Living Advocate, Sally Williams, says whilst it’s a drastic move it could just work.

“Next week [MGC] will bring the bins back and then slowly reduce the number on campus,” said Ms Williams.

“The whole idea is a shock treatment, they’ve thrown students in the deep end.

“What it does is it changes their mindset around responsibility for waste, whatever waste students bring must be taken home.”

Ms Williams says the idea is to change attitudes towards waste and packaging at the start of the consumer cycle.

“You have to think about it before you even go shopping, they want supermarkets and manufacturers to rethink packaging,” Ms Williams said.

“We’ve got to try and avoid buying as much packaging in the first place.

“If we don’t have as much packaging we won’t need as many bins.”

When asked about the scheme, the school’s principal, Karen Money, said “This plan is being adopted with the ambition of becoming a zero waste to landfill school by the end of 2020, massively reducing our environmental impact.”

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