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Melbourne Girls Grammar student expelled and two suspended over drugs

Leading youth workers have conflicting views on how a drug bust involving students at Melbourne Girls Grammar should have been handled.

One student at the prestigious school has been expelled and two others suspended after they were caught with ecstasy pills, cannabis and alcohol at their senior formal last Friday.

One student was allegedly caught with up to 30 ecstasy tablets.

Principal Catherine Mission made the discovery after noticing suspicious activity in the toilets and has described the incident as ‘disgusting’. 

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But former Childrens Commissioner and long time youth worker Bernie Geary said the student shouldn’t have been expelled, and the bags shouldn’t have been searched. 

‘This is the sort of stuff that has been happening for yonks. Kids push boundaries in this way and have done so for many years,’ he said.  

‘This is a great window opportunity for both families and school to respond in a positive way.’

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But leading child psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg said any student caught with drugs should be reported to police.  

‘It’s about a diversionary system. It’s about getting the help they need,’ he said.

As for students being charged: ‘It depends on their history.’

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