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Police deny man’s claim he was harassed by police while putting bins out after curfew

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A Mickleham man claims he was threatened by a police officer outside his home, after putting out his bins after curfew.

Jordan Hale told Neil Mitchell it was about an hour after the 8pm curfew on Thursday when he realised he’d forgotten to put the bins out.

“I just put the bins out and I also got my cat in as well, and was just shooting off a quick text message … when the police rolled up behind me,” he said.

Mr Hale said a police officer asked him to provide ID, which he did not have on him.

When he walked back on to his property he was followed by police, and asked them if they had a warrant.

Mr Hale claimed one officer was unnecessarily aggressive, and touched him without gloves on.

He said the officer told him he was “lucky there wasn’t a gun in his face” and an apology from Victoria Police “would be a start”.

Following Mr Hale’s interview with Neil Mitchell, Victoria Police provided a statement explaining the situation and denying the threats he claimed were made by a police officer.

Police stopped Mr Hale outside his home to ask him about a stolen vehicle which was found near his residence.

They attempted to perform a routine check of his personal details to confirm his name and address, which he did not provide.

They also spoke to him about the Chief Health Officer’s directives as he was not wearing a face covering.

At no stage did police make any reference to holding a gun to his face.

Once officers confirmed Mr Hale’s identity and address they left the premises, and no further action was taken.

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