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Melbourne man films truck rental company accusing him of failing to fill the petrol tank

A Melbourne man has filmed the moment a truck rental company accused him of failing to fill up the tank.

Adam Falzon has told 3AW’s Tony Jones he was treated appallingly after a Thrifty employee accused him of ‘ripping them off’.

When Adam returned the vehicle to the rental depot, he says they made him drive back with them to the nearest petrol station to fill the truck.

‘They’re saying that I lied to them and didn’t fill up the vehicle,’ Adam is heard saying in the video.

When the Thrifty worker attempts to fill up the truck the nozzle clicks and fuel pours onto the ground. 

WATCH the confrontation below

Adam claims Thrifty had pocketed his deposit and he doesn’t think he over-reacted given the circumstances.

The company has since issued an apology and a full refund.

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