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Melbourne man’s Myki money deemed ‘inactive’

A 3AW Mornings caller discovered money on his Myki card was archived, because he hadn’t used it for a few months.

Alan Bunting has four cards linked to his account and contacted Neil Mitchell to explain what happened when he tried to check the balance recently.

‘I went into the account to have a look, and noticed three of the cards I had some the money sitting on the current Myki balance,’ he said.

‘But there was an amount sitting in this column called Myki money top up in process and I thought well that’s strange, I topped that up months ago.

‘What they’ve told me is if 90 days has passed, and you haven’t used your money, they archive it.’

He was told he’d have to touch on and off again, wait 48 hours, and the money would be reactivated.

Listen: Caller Alan Bunting on 3AW Mornings