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Melbourne man’s cheeky roadside fishing stunt

After yesterday’s announcement that fishing is permitted in Melbourne, but only within five kilometres of home, one man has taken to fishing on a footpath outside Hawkstowe Station.

South Morang man, Warren, set himself up on the side of the road with a wading pool, a fishing rod and a sign that says “best fishing in 5 kilometres”.

“My nearest lake is 6.2 kilometres away, so I can’t go there. So I went to Plenty Road,” he told Dee Dee.

Warren said he was careful to ensure he didn’t break any rules, and only stayed out for two hours.

He intends to go roadside fishing again.

“I even had a police car drive past. They gave me a thumbs up and a wave!”

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Chris spotted the fishing stunt, which he said gave motorists a laugh.

“I just about had to stop and pull over because I was laughing so much. I thought afterwards ‘I better go deliver him a six pack of beer!’,” he told Dee Dee.

“It made everyone’s day.”