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Melbourne mum claims she found a maggot floating in milk purchased from supermarket

A mother of an 18-month-old claims she spotted a maggot in a carton of Woolworths full cream milk as she poured it into her child’s bottle.

Sarah told Neil Mitchell she took her child’s bottle from the dishwasher and poured the milk into it, when she saw the maggot.

She said they were two thirds of the way through drinking the carton.

She spoke to Woolworths, who offered her a $30 voucher compensation, and she wasn’t looking for money.

“I said after to-ing and fro-ing, I said to (the manager) how are you going to ensure that other people don’t have maggots in their milk?”

She said there should be a recall of the batch.

Sarah was told the company goes back to the supplier to see if there was a problem.