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Melbourne nursing home resident reveals grim reality of lockdown in aged care

A nursing home resident has revealed the reality of living in aged care during lockdown and shared her greatest concern for fellow residents.

On Monday, the Royal Commission into Aged Care heard from 85-year-old Merle Mitchell, a Melbourne woman living in a nursing home.

Some of what she had to say was hard to listen to.

Ms Mitchell, who formerly ran the Australian Council of Social Services, has been living in aged care for three years.

She told Neil Mitchell about the grim reality of aged care.

“When you live in aged care it’s not really living. It’s just waiting to die, really,” Ms Mitchell said.

“I think most people, if they’re honest with themselves, if they’re living in aged care, that’s how they feel.”

Ms Mitchell said she’s fearful of the impact COVID-19 restrictions will have on the wellbeing of aged care residents.

“The thing that worries me the most is the mental health condition of the people,” she said.

“It has been extremely hard for those people who are in their early stages of dementia, who have been used to their families visiting every day … They’re so puzzled.”

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