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Melbourne primary school bans dairy products in ‘unmanageable’ allergy strategy

Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia has criticised a Melbourne primary school for banning dairy products from school lunch boxes due to a student with a severe allergy.

A caller to 3AW’s Rumour File on Wednesday reported that Sandringham Primary School parents had been sent a message saying no dairy products are to be brought to school, due to a student with a potentially deadly allergy.

But Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia President Maria Said said the school’s strategy is “unmanageable”.

“Banning a food is not something that our organisation supports,” she told Tom Elliott.

“Children can be allergic to a variety of foods, and when you’re talking about dairy, which is a whole food group, it’s really difficult to manage even in a home, let alone at school.

“People thinking it’s been banned creates a level of complacency … it’s really about developing other strategies to help reduce risk to that child.”

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