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Melbourne reacts to construction work on Bolte Bridge and West Gate freeway

It’s begun.

Construction on the Bolte Bridge has commenced and Melbourne’s drivers have reacted angrily.

Part of the bridge is being extended to create another lane onto the West Gate Freeway, with commuters coming in from the north told to expect delays of up to 15 minutes while work is underway.

It’s expected to last 18 months.

3AW was flooded with calls on day one of the works, the majority complaining about delays being far worse than advised.

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VicRoads chief John Merritt said he felt for those impacted on Wednesday, but a smash near Williamstown Road had undoubtedly made traffic worse than predicted on day one.

He said he expected things to improve.

‘We’d certainly expect the first days and weeks to be the worst of the 18 month period – drivers do change their behaviour,’ Mr Merritt explained.

‘We’re gunning to do it in less than 18 months.’

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