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Melbourne reflects on 50th anniversary of West Gate Bridge collapse

Melburnians have reflected on the 50th anniversary of the West Gate Bridge collapse, Australia’s worst industrial disaster.

35 workers tragically lost their lives when a large section of the bridge under construction plummeted to the ground at 11.50am on October 15, 1970.

Another 18 people were injured.

Speaking on Thursday, Premier Daniel Andrews said the incident had left a “scar” on the city.

Anne was working as a student nurse at The Alfred when patients came flooding in.

“When you mentioned it, it all came back,” she said.

“What I remember is that as much as it was a tragedy, I remember the camaraderie.

“All the (injured) men were worried about was their mates.”

John’s father was injured in the collapse, telling Neil Mitchell it left a permanent mark on his father mentally.

Chris told Neil Mitchell he could vividly remember the day.

The father of a Year 6 classmate was killed.

“It was his last day at school, his family was moving to Hastings, and his dad’s last day working on the bridge,” Chris explained.

“We never saw him again.

“Sorry, I’m getting a bit upset here.”

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