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Melbourne’s foggy winter day

Melbourne’s cold snap is behind the smoky haze blanketing the CBD today.

EPA Manager of Applied Sciences Anthony Boxshall told Tom Elliott on 3AW Drive it’s expected to hang around until Sunday when a cool change comes.

‘In the Melbourne case it’s mainly coming from wood heaters,’ he said.

‘So we’ve just had our first cold snap, everyone has turned on their wood heaters.

‘And we’ve had no wind, literally no wind and it just sits there, and that’s what we can see.’

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Chris Godfred from the Bureau of Meteorology said haze is the term used when visibility is better than 10 kilometres, but there’s still distortion in the atmosphere.

‘There is the possibility that if you do look across certain parts of Melbourne that it might have mixed in with some smoke,’ he told 3AW News.

‘So you couldn’t rule out that it might be smog, but that generally has more of a yellowy brownish tinge to it.’

WATCH the fog throughout Geelong today