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Melbourne shoppers turn ‘feral’ in Aldi sale frenzy

Tony Jones

Melburnians turned to snatching from children and stealing from other shoppers’ trolleys according to 3AW listeners who attended Aldi stores on the weekend.

Mary McKenzie told Tony Jones she was lining up outside the Frankston store on Saturday morning, in the hopes of buying a discounted Dyson vacuum cleaner.

She said the 40-strong crowd turned wild as opening time inched closer.

“People became feral,” Mary said.

“As it got closer to 8.30 you could feel a change, there was a determined look in their eyes and they even adopted a different stance.”

Mary said a child even had the vacuum cleaner snatched out of her hands by an adult.

“We had a little girl next to us called Ava, 10-years-old, she said, ‘I had my hands on the box and somebody came and took it from underneath me’.

“She was so disappointed.”

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Anne said at her store at Greythorn Shopping Centre in Balwyn North, a man tried to make off with her vacuum cleaner.

“A guy tried to take it out of my trolley,” she said.

“It creates a frenzy in people.”

Tony Jones