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Melbourne swimmer Chloe McCardel breaks men’s English Channel crossing record

While most Victorians are confined to their homes due to COVID-19 lockdown, one Melbourne woman has been swimming laps of the English Channel.

And she’s just achieved a huge feat.

Marathon swimmer Chloe McCardel, 35, has broken the men’s record for English Channel crossings.

It comes after she swam the 36.2 kilometre Channel four times in just 16 days, bringing her total number of crossings to 35.

UK woman Alison Streeter holds the women’s record for the most Channel crossings, having completed the crossing 43 times.

Ms McCardel said she’s been thinking of Melburnians in lockdown while swimming.

“I know a lot of people are doing it hard and I want people to know I’ve been thinking of Australia, particularly Melbourne … as I’ve been crossing this channel,” she told Neil Mitchell.

Ms McCardel was granted a travel exemption by the Australian government to travel to England for her swimming feat.

She says Australians have told her it has given them a boost through challenging times.

“My marathon swimming seems to inspire people, which is great to know,” she said.

“I hope to make a positive impact and if it lands well that’s great.”

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