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Melbourne woman ‘horrified’ after being scammed out of $3000 by roof repair conmen

A 76-year-old Rosanna woman has been left “horrified” after she was conned out of $3000 cash by scammers posing as roof repairers.

Anthony told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell his 76-year-old mother was fleeced by the door-knocking con artists with Irish accents on Tuesday.

Coincidentally, their visit came just a day after the victim had discussed roof repairs with her daughter.

“Mum actually turned around and said ‘did my daughter send you?’ and they said yes,” the victim’s son, Anthony, said.

“That was not to be the case.”

The victim’s roof really does need repair, but her son said the scammers have only damaged it further.

“It does need repairs, we’ve been trying to put it off because of COVID and everything like that,” he said.

“They actually broke another six to eight tiles which I’ve got to go and replace.”

The incident has been reported to police.

It comes after an Irish conman, Martin McDonagh was last week sentenced to jail time for rorting eight victims of more than $360,000 through roof repair scams.

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