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Melbourne Zoo will soon welcome three new lions

Melbourne Zoo will soon become the new home of three young African lion brothers.

An agreement has been made between Werribee Open Range Zoo and Melbourne Zoo to transfer Kashka, Kubwa, and Kito to Lion Gorge. 

This comes as Melbourne Zoo’s last surviving lion, Harare, died last month.

Zoo Director Kevin Tanner said the lions would gradually spend time away from their pride at Werribee to prepare them for the move.  

‘We are fortunate that the Werribee Open Range Zoo trio are close to reaching an age when they would move away from their family group, as would happen in the wild,” Mr. Tanner said.

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The Lion Gorge exhibit at Melbourne Zoo is currently home to four African Wild Dogs while construction works are underway. Once they return to their exhibit, the new arrivals will move in.