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Melbourne’s African community wants to turn reputations around

We’ve got a problem.

Victoria Police know it. They’ve created an African gang task force, and want to put more African leaders on the ground.

Parts of Melbourne’s African community know it, and they’re eager to be part of the change.

But what is the root-cause of the problem?

To help kickstart the conversation, Neil Mitchell was joined in the studio by some of the key players at the heart of the issue, Commander Stuart Bateson, who earlier this week said Victoria Police should recruit South-Sudanese officers, and refugees Jamy Alex and Natalina Andrew.

One issue Natalina pointed out is business’s reluctance to hire young African people in part time jobs.

“A child goes to high school as his or her peers are working part-time jobs, but they can’t find work,” she said.

“Is that because of their colour?” Neil asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“No one is created a criminal, there’s something that pushes you.”

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