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Melbourne’s bike plan: Protected bike paths fast-tracked on 40 kilometres of inner city roads

Works on protected bike lanes across the City of Melbourne have been fast-tracked in a push to keep people off public transport during the recovery from COVID-19.

New protected cycling lanes will be rolled out across 40 kilometres of road under the council plan.

The first $16 million stage of construction will be completed within a year.

Chief Executive of the Bicycle Network, Craig Richards, said the plan has dual benefits for health and employment.

“Melbourne’s bike plan is going to be accelerated substantially and the bike lanes that were going to come over many years are going to come much much more quickly,” he told Ross and John.

“It’s going to give people construction jobs, but it’s also going to keep us safe because if more people can ride then we’ll have more space on our public transport as we transition back to work.”

Among the first areas to receive bike lane upgrades are Exhibition, Rathdowne, William, Abbotsford and Swanston streets.

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