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Melbourne’s nightlife boom: After dark economy grows to $3.5 billion

Melbourne’s night-time economy is booming, thanks to increased spending on food an entertainment.

Inner Melbourne’s economy has grown by $310 million since last year, to reach $3.5 billion, according to the Local Government Safe Cities Network report.

Despite the growth, the number of bars and pubs in the city has dropped slightly.

However, there are more entertainment and food establishments than there were a year ago.

Paddy O’Sullivan, CEO of the Australian Hotels Association Victoria, said he’s not surprised by news that nightlife is booming.

“I’m not surprised because, after dark, Melbourne is open for business.

Mr O’Sullivan said the safety of the city is responsible for the growth .

“I think people reflect that there is a very safe feel in the city late at night. They know they can get home. We have 24 hour public transport.

“Unlike other places, like Sydney, we don’t have lockouts, we don’t have a violent venue register, we don’t have three strikes and you’re out, we don’t have an illicit drug register and we don’t have all these other interventions that you’d see in unsafe cities.”

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