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Melbourne’s plan to revitalise the CBD after lockdown

The City of Melbourne plans to transform footpaths, parking spaces and streets into open-air dining spaces as part of a plan to bring people back into the CBD as the COVID-19 risk dissipates.

Lord mayor Sally Capp said the plan is about allowing eateries to boost their patronage without putting health at risk.

By allowing larger alfresco dining areas, cafes, bars and restaurants will be able to seat more customers without packing them together in enclosed indoor spaces.

Cr Capp says the council will make it as easy as possible for eateries to expand their outdoor dining areas.

“Let’s open up our cafes, pubs and restaurants and lets let them expand their dining out on to our streets so that they can make the most of a grand reopening,” she told Ross and Russel.

“We want to be a city of ‘yes’.”

Cr Capp said the plan, which has had considerable success in New York City, will give the economy a much-needed boost.

“We know that it will help attract people to the city,” she said.

“That sense of life being out on our streets, I think, is really attractive.”

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