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Melbourne’s radical bike ‘superhighway’ plan receives critical support

A plan to add hundreds of kilometres of cycling ‘superhighways’ on Melbourne roads should be built within five years, according to the nation’s peak infrastructure body.

Infrastructure Australia has listed the RACV’s plan, which proposes 17 of the superhighways, as a priority for this year.

The submission suggests separating bicycles from cars on congested roads such as Chapel St and St Kilda Rd.

Peter Colacino, Chief of Policy and Research at Infrastructure Australia, told Tom Elliott it was a priority.

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The RACV’s Stuart Outhred says it is hoped more people will cycle if they feel safer.

“A separated space on the street is much more likely to be used by groups that don’t currently ride — so younger people, older people and women, especially,” he told Ross and John.

“So this is trying to bring cycling into those demographic areas.”

Ross asked Mr Outhred whether the RACV might soon drop the ‘A’ for ‘automobile’ from its name.

“There is a lot of upside to this for people driving,” he said.

“And let’s not forget a lot of people that drive also ride bikes, OK, so we’ve got a very diverse membership and that’s what we’re looking at.”