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Melburnians urged to wear face masks as COVID-19 cases climb

Victoria has recorded five consecutive days with new COVID-19 cases in double-digits, and a leading epidemiologist says Melburnians need to do more to stop the spread of the virus.

Professor of epidemiology at the University of NSW, Marylouise McLaws, said cases are likely to continue to rise if extra precautions aren’t taken in coronavirus hot spots.

She said health workers need to be extra cautious.

“If the prevalence of infection is high then you should be considering wearing some sort of face shield or face mask,” she told Neil Mitchell.

“GPs should be wearing a face shields, particularly in the areas that are hot spots at the moment.

“If you’re a healthcare worker working across facilities that’s when … risk goes up.”

Professor McLaws said the general community should also consider wearing face coverings.

“Those in Melbourne, when you get on public transport wear a face mask. When you’re walking around the roads wear a face mask, particularly also in shopping malls,” she said.

“It’s very difficult to keep 1.5 metres.

“Your numbers have doubled in just 24 hours, from the 19th to the 20th it went from 13 cases to 25. That’s quite serious and you don’t want to be on a trajectory of doubling.

“Just a face mask or a face shield may be able to reduce it.”

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