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Melton residents living in fear following apparent wave of aggravated burglaries

Residents in Melbourne’s outer west say they’re barricading themselves in their own bedrooms amid an apparent wave of aggravated burglaries.

Shaun has told Neil Mitchell his place in Melton was robbed at the weekend while he slept through it, there were foot prints around his bed and into his three-year-old child’s room.

Luckily the toddler wasn’t at home.

He tells 3AW Mornings police are investigating several similar aggravated burglaries in the area at the weekend alone.

‘At the moment I’m barricading myself in my own bedroom, I’m not the only one in the area who’s doing it.’ Shaun tells Neil Mitchell.

‘There’s a Facebook page created for this, I’ve had several people contact me direct through this particular website who have basically moved all their children into the room of the house.’

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