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Memorial in recognition of drug overdose victims could be erected at Richmond

There’s controversial calls for a memorial in recognition of drug overdose victims at Richmond.

The City of Yarra mayor says if victims of car crashes who have broken the law get memorials, so too should victims of drug overdoses.

Neil Mitchell has labelled it a “strange idea”.

Greg Denham, Executive Officer of the Yarra Drug and Health Forum, has told Neil it’s a good opportunity to remind the community how many people die from overdoses.

“We do need to acknowledge that people have suffered,” he said.

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The council has narrowly voted in favour of a monument or plaque as part of an upgrade of Victoria and Lennox Street, recognising those who have overdosed in the Melbourne’s so-called “Heroin Triangle”.

Greens member and Mayor, Amanda Stone, has told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell the victims deserve a memorial.

“You just said that plaques are for people who have done great things,” she said.

“I’ve seen plaques by roadsides, from people speeding who crashed cars and died, they haven’t done great things.”

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