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Men can now wear shorts in the Caulfield Racecourse members area

Melbourne Racing Club now allows male members to wear shorts at Caulfield Racecourse events.

This afternoon 3AW’s Tom Elliott spoke to Josh Blanksby, CEO of the Melbourne Racing Club, about the changes to the dress code.

“We bought this policy in last Saturday, just for our relaxed racing period which leads up to Easter time. It’s just to make things more accessible for people, so they can wear a pair of tailored shorts with some dress shoes and be more comfortable in the members areas”, he said.

Mr Blanksby said there are strict rules around what type of shorts are acceptable. Only respectable, tailored shorts are allowed.  Denim or footy shorts are banned, but a safari suit would be permissible.

“A safari suit would probably meet the requirements of a suit so that’s no problem, if you chose to wear that, Tom”, Mr Blanksby said.

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