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Men care less about murdered women, Minister tells Neil Mitchell

Victoria’s minister for women says men and the media underplay the murder of women.

Speaking to Neil Mitchell after penning an article in the wake of Eurydice Dixon’s death, Nat Hutchins said she subscribes to

Neil Mitchell: Do you really think the media and men somehow underplay the murder of women?

Ms Hutchins: Yeah, I do.

Neil: Oh, good God.

Ms Hutchins: I think that sometimes the conversations around that start to blame the victim instead of blame the perpetrator.

“Why do we have these conversations about women who are murdered and sort shift the blame onto them,” she said.

“The bigger conversation is: How do we change attitudes and behaviour?

“That is, we get men to step-up.

“We respect women and we ask men and women to call out bad behaviour.”

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Neil Mitchell said Ms Hutchins comments were “essentially sexist”.

“I think what Natalie Hutchins said is essentially sexist because she’s separating female victims and male victims,” she said.

“She said she thinks the media and men tend to underplay the death of women.

“That just horrifies me.

“If there are men and media who do that, they are not the majority or representative of the majority.

“They are not the mainstream, they are a bunch of idiots. Dangerous idiots.”