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Meteor lights up Melbourne’s morning peak hour

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Melbourne motorists have been treated to an astronomic show this morning.

Starstruck 3AW Breakfast listeners clogged up the phone lines to tell Ross and John about the blue-green sight that happened shortly after 6am.

Many thought they’d seen a shooting star or space junk, but astronomer Brad Tucker, from the Australian National University, told 3AW Breakfast it was likely a meteor about 25-30cm wide.

“A lot of people reported this bluey-green-teal colour, and that’s usually characteristic of a meteor, the iron burning up,” he said.

“It also moved east to west; satellites and space junk will move west to east in the orbit to space.”

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“It had a long white tail and then it went quickly from indigo blue to green,” John said.

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Listener Rochelle was traveling west along Donnybrook Road towards Mickleham Road, en route to the airport when she captured the above footage of the meteor on her dash-cam.