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Michael Kroger: We have a problem with ‘ABC bias in news and current affairs’

Chris Kenny

The issues within the ABC which saw chairman Justin Milne resign today has been present for decades, a former board member has said.

President of the Victorian Liberal Party and former ABC board member tells Chris Kenny history has shown it has been difficult to keep the ABC on the task of objectivity and impartially.

“We have clearly a problem with ABC bias in news and current affairs,” he says.

“The rest of the ABC is terrific, but in news and current affairs, there’s a problem and no one has been able to seriously address this problem for decades.”

Mr Kroger says there’s no evidence Malcolm Turnbull interfered with the ABC, instead, Mr Milne’s “taken it on his own account to say ‘the prime minister thinks this, we should do something’ “.

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Mr Kroger says Mr Milne needed to do something because he had statutory obligations as a member of the board but he should have “worked out on his own account that there was a problem”.

“This whole notion by the way… that there’s political interference because the chairman of the board is trying to interfere…no!

“He is the ABC, he’s the head of the ABC… he is effectively the person who has a responsibility at law to ensure impartiality.”