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Mick Warner is starting to think GWS won’t be punished over the Whitfield affair

The Giants might yet escape sanction for the Lachie Whitfield affair.

That’s the opinion of 3AW Football commentator and Herald Sun columnist Mick Warner.

Whitfield and then-GWS officials Graeme Allan and Craig Lambert have been penalised for their involvement in the former number one pick allegedly missing a drug test.

But Warner told Sports Today the club itself may avoid punishment.

The club is arguing that Allan and Lambert had ‘gone rogue’ and acted outside the club’s knowledge.

They believe that, as such, the situation is distinct from other recent examples of clubs being punished.

‘I’m starting to get the feeling the Giants might get away with this one,’ Mick said.

‘If we’re going to be consistent, I think they probably should be (docked draft picks) but I do think they make a good argument.’

Warner also said the pay dispute between the AFL and the players is set to keep dragging on for months.

He said the AFL has been delaying negotiations for so long now that it’s clearly a tactic.

‘They’re forcing the players’ hand here. They’re almost daring them to strike,’ he said.

Warner said the players using one of the game’s best and most respected players in Patrick Dangerfield as a spokesperson could be a ‘game-changer’. 

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