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Middle-aged men are the most common victims of rare fatal snake bites

An Australian audit has found middle-aged men are the most common victims of fatal snake bites.

Victoria’s unseasonably warm weather has driven the sightings of snakes up significantly. 

And it isn’t just around the bush we need to be careful. 

Dr. Ronelle Welton, from the Australian Venom Research Unit at the University of Melbourne, says snakes are coming closer to home. 

‘A lot of the media is look out when you’re bush walking, which is pertinent,’ Dr. Welton told Ross and John.

‘But a lot of snake bites happen around people’s homes.’

She said dying from a bite is ‘quite rare,’ with an average of two per year. 

When it comes to which snakes we need to look out for, Dr. Welton says it comes down to two types.

‘There are more bites from tiger snakes, and less deaths. And less bites from brown snakes, and more deaths.’

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