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Mike Brady tops off grand final week with new release

It’s been a huge week for Mike Brady.

He sang Up There Cazaly at nearly every footy function in Melbourne last week including on the MCG at the AFL grand final.

And to top it off, he’s just released new music and Neil Mitchell was the first person to play it!

Here’s his new track, When I Was Young.

Mike didn’t write the track, which was initially released by Eric Burdon and the Animals in 1967, but it mirrors his own journey closely.

“It’s a lovely song for an old geezer to be reflecting on life, that’s really what it is!” he told Neil Mitchell.

“It’s pretty accurate, my father was a soldier, he was away most of the time, and when Eric Burdon wrote it, I related to it.”

Mike reflected on the biggest weekend of his year.

“I call it my rooster weekend because I’m up on cloud nine and then I become a feather duster the next day,” he said .

“It was a beautiful day, Melbourne was alive and the crowd were good-natured. I had a lovely day and the crowd made it for me!”

The timing of his new release, the day after the grand final weekend, is no mistake.

“I just wanted to make a bit of statement just to say, ‘well, I do other things as well!”

When I Was Young is the first track from Mike’s forthcoming song collection, The Chronology of Life, out in 2020.

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