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Milk recall: Victorians told to return these brands

Macquarie National News

A major recall of milk is underway across Victoria and southern NSW .

Several brands are affected amid fears the milk has been contaminated with dairy cleaning solution.

  • Pauls branded Smarter White (date marked June 25, 26, 27), Full Fat Cream (June 26, 27)
  • PhysiCAL Skim (June 27)
  • PhysiCAL Low Fat (June 26)
  • Rev Low Fat (June 28)
  • Coles branded Full Cream (June 25, 26), Lite (June 25, 26) and Skim (June 25) .

Dairy company Lactalis warns the bad batch of milk might have yellow colouring or a chemical taste, with best-before dates from June 25-28.

All Victorian customers who bought any of the eight affected brands in Coles, Woolworths, IGA and other independent stores have been advised not to drink the product and return it for a refund.

Anyone concerned about their health is being urged to seek medical advice.

Macquarie National News