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‘Mindless, opportunistic’ crimes committed in broad daylight + in complete sobriety: New BDK youth crime gang

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Early intervention is the key to solving the issues with increasingly younger members of crime gangs in Melbourne, according to one youth behaviour expert.

It comes after Victoria Police yesterday issued a notice saying they are aware of an emerging group called Blood Drill Killers, a group linked to a number of robbery and affray offences in the western suburbs.

Some gang members are as young as 13 and 14-years-old.

CEO at The Youth Junction (a youth centre in Melbourne’s west), Dr Karen Hart told Heidi Murphy the behaviour is transferring from older siblings to younger ones.

“I think it’s what we’ve been seeing for some time, the transmission of anti-social behaviour within families,” Dr Hart said.

“You do think this can be solved with early intervention?” Heidi asked.

“I do, I’ve seen it done, we’ve done it,” Dr Hart replied.

“We’ve been able to get kids back in school and reunited with their families. But it’s a huge job and it takes a huge amount of resources.”

“There’s always been juvenile offending but these offences that we’re seeing, they’re mindless, opportunistic, in broad daylight and in complete sobriety, are really quite new.”

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Image: St Albans violence before Christmas, 7 News

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