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Minimum chip mission: Man’s search for Melbourne’s best value chips

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Image: Brandon Gatgens/@minimumchipsmelbourne

A Melbourne man is on a mission to find the city’s best value serve of minimum chips.

Brandon Gatgens has been ordering minimum chips from fish and chip shops across the city for almost a year, and weighing them.

His search began after a chat with friends at the pub.

“It all started at the pub with two questions: how much should you pay for minimum chips and how many chips should you get?,” he told 3AW’s Kate and Quarters, filling in for Ross and John.

“Everyone’s got a different answer.”

Mr Gatgens said his research hasn’t found any link between the price for minimum chips and the quantity of chips received, nor is there a link between wealth of the area and the size of the serving.

“It should be related to the amount of chips you get, but giving a look at the Instagram it certainly isn’t!,” he said.

“It’s really, really vast from what you pay to what you get. We’ve had the big $6 minimum chips which has come in at 300g and we’ve had a $3 minimum chips that’s come in close to 700g.”

The current leader, with the most chips for the cheapest price, is Hobsons Bay Fish and Chip Shop in Williamstown, where $4 will get you 688 grams of chips.


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Hobsons Bay Fish & Chip Shop Williamstown $4.00 688 grams .58c per 109 grams . . . . #mininimumchips #clubhouseleader

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Mr Gatgens says he isn’t interested in rating the quality of the chips, just the quantity.

“There’s enough people on Instagram rating food. I’m not here for my opinions, I’m here for the facts!,” he said.

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