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Minister for Aboriginal Affairs refuses to give opinions on Indigenous issues

The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs has stressed the Koori Youth Council is an independent organisation, despite receiving half a million dollars of taxpayer’s money.

Neil Mitchell asked Natalie Hutchins whether it was appropriate for $500,000 of state government money to be going to an organisation which promoted the Invasion Day rally.

“They’re an independent organisation Neil, I can’t tell them what they can and cannot support,” Ms Hutchins said.

“They’re an independent organisation, not a government agency.”

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Neil also asked if the Koori Youth Council should remove Tarneen Onus-Williams, given her controversial comments on the day.

“Well that’s up to them and the board,” Ms Hutchins replied.

Neil didn’t have much more success when moving onto the subject of changing the date of Australia Day.

Neil: It is a simple question, do you support changing the date of Australia Day?

NH: I love Australia Day. It’s not up to the State Government.

Neil: Can’t you have an opinion as Minister for Aboriginal Affairs?

NH: I love Australia Day.

Neil: I’m not asking that.

NH: Well it’s not up to me to change the date.

Neil: Oh dear me.