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Minister for Human Services says sorry for ‘stuffing around’ disabled woman

?The Federal Minister for Human Services has apologised for ‘stuffing around’ a woman who is irreversibly disabled.

3AW Mornings listener Allan contacted Neil Mitchell to explain his daughter’s situation.

He said his daughter, who is in a wheelchair with cerebral palsy, got a yearly letter from Centrelink informing her she’ll lose her disability pension if she doesn’t come in and give an update on her situation.

This is despite her condition being clearly listed on her paperwork.

Neil Mitchell got in touch with Stuart Robert, who promised to fix the situation that ‘defied common sense’ immediately.

‘I’ll apologise up front,’ the minister said on 3AW.

‘We shouldn’t have stuffed you around like that.

‘There’s clearly an issue here.’

LISTEN: The full situation explained on 3AW Mornings