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Minister for Local Government extends cut-off date for new code of conduct

The Acting Minister for Local Government has spoken out for the first time since the sacking of councillors was announced.

More than 100 councillors are set to be sacked for not signing the ‘Councillors’ Code of Conduct’ appropriately.

Tom Elliott spoke with Richard Wynne, Acting Minister for Local Government.

Tom asked Mr Wynne if he is really going to have to stand down these Councillors.

‘No were not, because today i’ve introduced to the parliament to extend the time for the further consideration of an incoming council.’

The Minister says the status quo will remain – ‘They will remain councillors until the election on the 22 October.’

‘Any incoming councillors will be required to sign the code of conduct within four months.’

‘In effect they’ve got until the 22 of February next year to ensure they fulfil their obligations under the act, and Tom, if they don’t, they’re out.’ – Richard Wynne told 3AW Drive. 

The Minister also denies that the code will prevent councillors from speaking with the media. 

‘They do have the freedom to speak out on issues, of course they do.’ – says Wynne.

But Tom Elliott says he’s spoken with many current councillors that tell him they will no longer be able to speak out. 

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