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Puppy thieves on the run with young rottweiler snatched from Mooroolbark

A Mooroolbark couple are concerned for the safety of their puppy’s life after a Gumtree advertisement welcomed thieving strangers into their home.

Liz Hendriks and her partner Paul listed two eight-month-old rottweiler puppies on the marketplace site to sell to their forever homes.

On Monday, two potential buyers came to their property in Mooralbark to buy the puppies, but they had no intention of paying for the pups.

“They came into the yard and they showed us a receipt that they put a cheque into the account,” said Ms Hendriks.

“We had insisted they could not take the puppies until the cheque was cleared, but they were pushing to take the puppies then.

“They tried to distract me whilst one of the men picked up a puppy and then proceeded to go out the gate.”

The pair escaped in a stolen car that had also been purchased using a fraudulent cheque, similar to the one the thieving duo attempted to purchase the puppies with.

A rottweiler puppy has since been cited at Southern Cross Station by a train driver.

Police have spoken to the train driver and there is CCTV footage, however it is yet to released publicly.

The men are believed to be of African appearance and aged between 18 and 24.

There are fears that the rottweilers will be used for dog fighting.

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