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Missing mum Penny Bailey is daughter of former Carlton footballer, Laurie Kerr: Neil Mitchell

Neil Mitchell has revealed a missing mother believed to be found in bushland at Donvale is a member of one of Melbourne’s most well-known families.

Penny Bailey, who went missing on Tuesday, is the daughter of former Carlton footballer Laurie Kerr.

Kerr played 149 games for the Blues in the 1950s, and became a powerful off-field figure at the club.

He went on to become a respected journalist who then established International Public Relations, which ‘at one stage was one of the most influential organisations in this state’, Neil Mitchell said.

Mr Kerr’s wife, Viv, 85, is still the #1 woman ticket-holder at Carlton and runs the largest property in the Yarra Valley, where she produces wine and cattle.

‘The Kerr family has been prominent in Melbourne for many years,’ Neil Mitchell reported.

‘I do know some members of the family personally; they are very close and very respected.

‘It just shows, no family is exempt from this kind of trauma.

‘Like any murder, it is very, very sad.’

Her son, Stephen, has been charged with her murder.

Police found a body near Mullum Mullum Creek at Donvale about 7.10pm on Thursday.

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The Kerr family would like to publicly express its gratitude for the outpouring of support it has received since Penny’s disappearance.

Penny was a beautiful women and mother of three children. She will be remembered for her caring nature, warm heart and love of family.

The Kerr family is large. Vivienne and Laurie Kerr had nine children ? there are 34 grand children and 24 great grand children.

The entire family is focused on providing Penny’s daughters, Belinda and Shannon with comfort at this time.

We would also like to thank the Victoria Police for their professionalism and the caring and sensitive manner in which they conducted their investigations.