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Model penis in Thornbury window across the road from primary school sparks concern


A giant plastic penis on show in front of primary school children at Thornbury may be moved.

The model sits in the window of the Neon Parlour, in full view of the children at St Mary’s Primary School.

Vicki rang Neil Mitchell to tell him about the item being displayed, which she said was in ‘full window view’ directly across the road from the school.

She said she wasn’t a prude, but she was concerned about who saw it.

‘We need to be respectful and mindful of the little kids in the area, which concerns me,’ she said on 3AW Mornings.


Neil Mitchell said people often over-reacted to sexualised art exhibitions, but in this instance understood the concern.

‘If that’s art, I’m baffled,’ Neil Mitchell said.

Gallery co-director Travis Vella said he’d talk to the artist.

The penis has since been covered with a sheet.

‘We’re considerate of all members of the community,’ he said.

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