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Modern fatherhood: The traits of a good dad in 2019

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It’s in the “nitty-gritty” of life, not play time, that dads have the biggest impact on their children’s lives.

Fathers are being told lots of fun and play after a day’s work is not enough for dads to build strong relationships with their kids.

Leading child psychologist Justin Coulson told Ross and John fatherhood has changed a great deal in the recent years.

“Dads today spend more time with their kids, and the quality of time is vastly different,” he said.

“There’s no doubt dads are doing a better job today.

“More recent research is telling us the kids who do best, who are most resilient and have the best life outcomes, and who have the best father-child relationships, are the kids watching dads involved in everyday life.

“In other words, not just Disneyland dad, not just fun day, also the dad who’s involved in family functions, the dad who’s making sure the kids put their socks in the sock drawer and bring their plate to the kitchen sink after dinner.”

Ross and John started the interview by asking for the words he’d use to describe a good dad.

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